Painting: Japanese “Sumi-e” - Summer 2020

Registration for SUMMER class begins JUNE 3RD at NOON!

Missing the Olympics... Learn about the art of Japanese Sumi-e. 

The Zen Buddhist monks first introduced the Northern Sung style of painting to Japan during the 14th century. During the 15th century they brought the newer Southern style of painting.  At this time the Shogunate system of government prevailed and arts of all kinds flourished and became more refined and elegant.

Come join us and learn the basics of Sumi- e and create flowing bamboo, chrysanthemums (the royal flower of Japan), plum blossoms, orchids, landscapes and birds.

Format of this Online Course: 

This is an online, synchronous course that unfolds over the course of four weeks. Participants will join live Zoom meetings, where they will participate in live demonstrations. Additional work will be completed during the week. The class will touch on the history of Sumi-e, composition, philosophy and the origin of the brushes, ink, paper and ink stone.

Instructor: Susan Wilders
Enrollment: 10
Dates:  Synchronous Online Tuesdays, July 7th - July 28th (4 weeks)  
Time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Cost:  $100   *See Supply List Below
Location: ONLINE At Home

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PLEASE NOTE: You may cancel a craft class up to two weeks before the class begins, with a $30 cancellation fee 
assessed. No refunds are allowed within two weeks of the start date, nor after the class begins.


Students can bring their own Chinese painting supplies or purchase a beginners Kit from  ($79.99)

Chinese Painting Supply List Includes:

Full set ($79.99) plus tax and shipping

  • Ink cake (more convenient)
  • Marie’s Chinese watercolors
  • Magic cloth (you can practice with water and then it fades; can be used over and over!)
  • 1 Flow brush, 1 combination brush, Orchid-Bamboo brush, Landscape brush and Leaf vein brush as well a piston water brush- great for outdoor value sketches! These brushes have application in watercolor too.
  •  Mulberry paper-30x18, unsized single Xuan paper-27x18, semi-sized Xuan paper-27x18.
  • Wool felt.
  • You will need a container for water, paper towels, a white ceramic plate or saucer.  
Alternative set ($49.84) plus tax and shipping -  to save time navigating the web site for individual items call toll free 1-866-534-7116 9am-9pm Pacific Time
  • Under Categories - Chinese Brushes - Basic 3 Brushes - $15.95
  • Under Categories - Chinese Art Paper - Practice Paper - Confucius Xuan Rice Paper Roll 9.5x787 - $12.99
  • Under Categories - Accessories - white felt - $2.99
  • Under Categories - Accessories - Magic Cloth - $9.95
  • Under Categories - Sumi-e Ink - Ink cake - $7.99
  • You will need a container for water, paper towels, a white ceramic plate or saucer.
*We recommend waiting until 2 weeks before class begins to order (to ensure class meets enrollment).  (For questions about supplies, contact Sue at her studio 828-355-9751.)


Susan Wilders  recently retired after 17 years as artist in residence at the Morikami Japanese Museum in Delray Beach Florida where she taught Sumi-e. She also taught Chinese Lingnan and Gong-bi Chinese art at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2018 she was an artist in residence at the Edgewood Cottage in Blowing Rock. She has been painting for 28 years.  To see examples of her work go to 

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