Beginning Woodturning

During this class different species of woods, sources for wood and equipment, wood turning tools, lathes, and techniques of the wood turning craft will be explored with beginner students. Students will have the opportunity to use fine lathes and a variety of woodturning equipment. Each student will create a candlestick holder or a wine bottle stopper and a wood bowl. Supplies for these projects are included in the tuition. After these projects are complete, students can bring in their own supplies for that special wood turning project they have always wanted to create. The final night of class students will have a chance to "show" their work created during the course to other students. Projects are first rough cut to a circle on the Band Saw. Followed by shaping the wood on the lathe using the tools provided. Finally students can add a finish to seal the wood. See images below for an idea of the process. Each student is to provide their own safety glasses or shield and earplugs.


Advanced Woodturning

This course will continue the art, science, and techniques needed to turn a block of wood into functional sculpture. We will explore some rough-edge and green-wood spindle turning, wood curing, selection, and tool sharpening. You may never look at a pile of firewood the same again! It is recommended for each student to provide their own safety glasses or shield and earplugs. Below is a Bowl Series by a past student. 



Chip Carving

Chip Carving, or kerbschnitzen in German, is a type of decorative wood carving that has been used for centuries around the globe.  It is a different type of wood carving in that it is applied to an existing wooden object and is not used to create the object.  Small chips (not shaving or whittling) of exact shape and dimension are excised from the wood to create interesting decorative patterns that are used to enhance the appearance of the object being carved.  These simple chips can be combined to create very simple or elaborate designs. These patterns were used by peasants to decorate their furniture, plates, and other household items making them more attractive.  It involves the use of one carving knife and one embellishing knife to excise the small chips of wood that combine to create intricate geometric patterns.  The beauty of this type of carving is that you do not need a large number of tools, just the two knives and 2 sharpening stones.

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