Cold Working - Stained Glass

Using the copper foil method, participants in stained glass classes will be introduced to the basic techniques necessary to create a piece in stained glass: scoring and breaking, grinding, wrapping glass pieces in copper foil and soldering the pieces together. BEGINNING STAINED GLASS uses the copper foil method. This class is for beginning stained glass enthusiasts or those who want to refresh their stained glass skills while creating new projects. Participants will be introduced to basic stained glass terminology and skills: glass safety, project pattern preparation, scoring and breaking of stained glass, grinding cut glass pieces to fit the pattern and removal of sharp edges, cleaning and wrapping glass pieces in copper foil, soldering the pieces together, and cleaning/polishing and framing your project.


The ADVANCED STAINED GLASS class suits the needs of more experienced students ready to progress with new techniques. Students will refresh their knowledge from the beginning stained glass course before moving on to more complex creations. Skills such as soldering will be honed to make the piece look more attractive when it is finished. More difficult patterns will be available to choose from, or students may provide their own.

Most participants will complete several small projects by the end of the class, depending on the size of the chosen artwork. Project supplies are included, and the instructor will provide patterns for class teaching projects or will work with you to choose your own. This workshop provides an opportunity for fun, fellowship, and creativity.


Warm Glass - Glass Fusing and Slumping

For glass fusing and slumping, the piece is fired at 1450 to 1550 degrees to fuse the pieces that make up the design. At that point, the project may be complete, or it can be fired again to slump it into or over a mold. The process can be used to create pendants, bowls, plates, sun catchers, vases, and other decorative and functional pieces. Learn the basics of glass fusing and slumping while making beautiful bowls, plates, jewelry and decorative objects. We'll discuss glass types, compatibility, cutting, and firing schedules. Come experience one of the easiest ways to work with glass and take home some unique objects. Most supplies provided.

Flame Working - Bead Making

Glass beads have been treasured and traded for centuries and this class will explore the process of the ancient craft using moretti on mandrels. "Lampworking" is the technical term for the art of melting and forming raw glass into shapes by using a special high-temperature torch. We will cover torch safety, types of glass, scientific properties, proper annealing, dots, stringers, latticino, encasement, texturing and much more. By the last class students will feel confident in their ability to make the glass flow.
Class fee covers the glass and supplies needed for class teaching projects. Discuss your glass needs with your instructor prior to beginning the project because there may be a fee for the additional glass, hanging materials or special items such as bevels.

Stained Glass

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